About Us

The Dry Creek Arts Fellowship (DCAF) was founded in 1996, as a charitable and educational non-profit organization. Our mission is to provide a base of support for the preservation and future development of Western American art. DCAF has carried out this mission through the annual presentation of Trappings of the American West. Now in its 27th year, the show continues to honor the artistic heritage of the American cowboy. Eighty artists from fourteen Western states and Hawaii are chosen each year to submit new work. As a cultural heritage event, international visitors and those from around the United States have attended the exhibition and numerous public programs. From scholar and scientific forums, to gallery tours and artist demonstrations, folk music and cowboy poetry, DCAF believes that the diversity of programming brings a variety of audiences.


Jody Beeler – President

Beverly Miller

Jan Musial



Mei Ling Chun

Larry Fuegen

Kathy Hard

Alvin Kawamoto

Susan Kliewer

Nora Mandel

Karin Offield

Thomas Olsen

Homana Pawiki

Kenneth R. Trapp