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The Wild and The Woolly

Bronze, edition 6/10 (additional editions available)

Price : $13,000


Limited Edition of 20 Bronze. The horse is one of my greatest passions in life. I have a little saying “A day without horses is like a day without sunshine.” Ok, I know that comes from an old orange juice commercial, but it is true none the less. Horses and man have a centuries old relationship. The horse has been the servant of man in a multitude of ways. While that is still true today, things have changed radically. By and large, people have horses because they want them, not because they need them. On ranches where mechanization was once touted, they have gone back to using the horse. Of course, many ranches never left the tradition. The movement to look at things from the horses perspective has taken deep roots and is spreading. This comes from the old vaquero traditions, but with new knowledge and insight. For many it is more about the partnership with the horse, a partnership that gives the horse a vote. The horse can be trained to be a willing and intelligent partner. It becomes a conversation between horse and man. This makes all the difference! I sculpted the horse to celebrate this way of thinking. They are seen more and more for what they are, not what they can do. For years the horse has lifted man’s spirit. The life of a horse is now better because of this improved understanding. Handsome, inquisitive and confident, this horse is looking forward to every day. This horse, like so many today, is “Lucky”.

Price : $950

When Two Fer One's No Bargain

Price : $9,500

New Beginnings

Price : $5,400


Price : $2,900

Eagle Dancer

Price : $6,500

Sugar for the Trail

Price : 35,000

Red Moccasins

Hand-painted bronze

Price : $950

Girl & Stick Horse

Bronze, open edition (additional editions available)

Price : $250

Colt & Turtle

Bronze, open edition (additional editions available).

Price : $250

Red Boots

Bronze pen set, open edition (additional editions available)

Price : $265

Souvenir of Disaster

Mixed media, wood, lead & copper

Price : $1,500

Poncho & Lefty

Bronze, edition 10/20 (additional editions available)

Price : $3,200

Showing Promise

Price : $1,450

Midnight Watch

Price : $1,750