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Carry on We Must, Tho We Be Pooped

Price : $8,500

“The idea for this painting came from a particular day about thirty years ago. The big roan horse is one we raised and all three of our kids learned to ride on him. The Cowboy is in full Wyoming winter plumage. The wolly leggins are sure cozy and awful punchy lookin'. Although this painting has a kind of humorous title, the fact is that cowboying in the winter can get serious in a hurry if the weather turns bad. The cattle in this painting are going through the last gate of the day. They'll be dropped in a trap where they'll get some hay to fuel up for the next day. Two more days on the trail and they're home for the winter. The old black cow in the back is bawling for her calf to keep moving-even though he's "pooped". He's not the only one! But there's hay for the cattle and home-made tortillas and frijoles for the crew and we're back at it tomorrow.”

Contact Seller

Contact Seller

    • Artist :
    • Rygh Westby
    • Medium :
    • Oil on canvas
    • Dimensions :
    • Reference Number :
    • 65a